Joyce Rawson

Born 12 April 1927, Grimsby
Died 28 September 2018, Sheffield


mum was born in Grimsby, 6th of 9 children, to her fisherman father and mother who came from a Suffolk family originally.

mum grew up in Grimsby, being evacuated from Armstrong Street School in 1939 just before the outbreak of war. She remembered hearing the declaration of war whilst in Church. Mum loved Skegness even though the beach was cordoned off. She remembers she was in the Park Hotel, enjoying posh curls of butter restaurant style.

mum was homesick so came home after a year. She spent later years of the war working at the co op and dancing with the RAF men!! Which is how she met our dad and wound up in Sheffield, married in December 1946 and moving in with our man at Firth PPark.

mum worked at the co op and Debenhams in later years before moving to High Green and Newgate Close in 1997when dad died. She loved being social secretary and being involved in the Centre.

Latest condolences

To our very special Nannan Joyce you were so beautiful inside and outside...See more
Laura   13/10/2018

To the beautiful lady who used to wear heels more than I did! Hope your still wearing them up there! Love always, Carla xx
Carla  10/10/2018

All my love to my strong, loving, caring and glamorous mum...See more
Julie Ann  10/10/2018

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I love you beyond measure my beautiful Mum. Love forever from your daughter Anna xxxx❤️❤️❤️❤️
Anna  09/10/2018

God bless, Mum. I will miss you beyond all words. Thank you for love, life, everything...See more
Mandy  03/10/2018

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Funeral information

The Funeral of the late Joyce Rawson will be held on Thursday 11th October 2018 at Grenoside Crematorium, South Chapel at 3:30pm.

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